Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comic Books: The New Batman And Robin Part 2

Comic Books: The New Batman And Robin Part 2

In Batman's early career (according to the Year One storyline) he and the Gotham city police did not get along.  Part of the reason was Batman is a vigilante, moving outside of the law in order to bring justice to criminals.  A bigger reason was most of the Gotham city police were criminals themselves.  Batman doesn't care if you have a badge or not.  If you are breaking the law in his city, then he is going after you. 

Since their rocky start, however, Batman and the GCPD have worked together.  This is mostly thanks to Commissioner Gordon .  Commissioner James Gordon (again according to the Year One story) began as a lieutenant in Gotham the same year Bruce began his career as Batman.  Gordon was one of very few honest cops when he started at Gotham. With his stellar performance and unrelenting will to save Gotham, Gordon quickly rose through the ranks and cleaned up the police department.  Over the years Batman and Gordon have gained each other's respect. Batman trusts few people, but Gordon is high on that list.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Video Game Movies Suck (For A Reason)

It’s no secret. Doom, Hitman, Silent Hill, Max Payne, Street Fighter(both of them), Dead or Alive, the list goes on. There may be exceptions to the “game movies suck” rule, but the majority of gaming movies were in theaters for a painful few weeks, only to then be banished to the bargain bin. So why do amazing games turn into crap movies? Movies based on games have many roadblocks to overcome if they want to go from great game to good movie.
Lots of games have great plots. Bioshock’s story grabbed my full attention from the start and didn’t let go till the very end. Metal Gear Solid 4’s plot, though about as confusing as string theory, made me care about the characters and their world. Unfortunately, other game’s plots are simply a tool for the gameplay. No one playing Doom cared about why the people were killing the monsters, they just wanted to get in there and start blowing things away. When I pick Ryu in Street Fighter, it’s not because of his engaging back story or why he’s fighting, it’s because I like his fireball and dragon punch. Some games don’t need a great plot. I would say that the majority of games today do not have a brilliant story or plot. That’s OK because gameplay is the reigning king of quality for video games.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Video Games: Recession Far From A Game Over For Gaming

During the Great Depression people wanted an escape. They wanted to lose themselves in another world for a few hours so that they didn’t have to think about their own. The struggling people wanted the most bang for their buck; for those people the movies provided that escape. Today we are in a recession, and while it’s not as bad as the Great Depression, many families are being affected. There is no doubt that movies still provide many people entertainment, but there is also another place to find new and wonderful worlds: video games. Video games are giving today’s struggling people entertainment in a time when they need it. People can’t face their problems 24/7, or they will become overwhelming. Movies and video games give people a fantasy where they can leave real world problems behind. There is one reason why video games are a better escape than movies for people who are down on their luck: gamers are in control.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movies: Zombieland

Zombies are all the rage right now.  Books, video games, comic books, and movies have an abundance of the undead.  As a zombie lover I am happy that those decomposing, horrific, eating machines are getting their time in the spotlight.  I do worry though that companies are simply injecting zombies into things because it will be popular.  As more and more media companies jump on the zombie bandwagon, they run the risk of overplaying the walking dead.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comic Books: The New Batman and Robin Part 1

Batman has always been one of my favorite super heroes, so when I heard that Bruce Wayne was going to be killed (of course, in comics death is not permanent) I wondered what that meant for Batman.  After a fierce battle between many of Gotham's heroes and villains, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, has taken the Batman cowl and Bruce Wayne's assassin raised son, Damian Wayne, has taken on the Robin name.  I was unsure how good this new Batman and Robin would be, but now, five issues in, I can say that it is amazing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nerdy Fun In A Grown Up World

Hello everyone, our names are Bobby and Kait. This blog is about two people who are trying to have fun while facing a grown up world. We are nerds who just graduated college and who are looking for jobs and living with our parents. We are 22 year olds who need to start living in a grown up world, but do not want to stop talking about who could win in a fight, Punisher or Moon Knight. We don't want to stop playing board games in the dining room or carving Kirby Jack O Lanterns.

On this blog you will see all of the things we refuse to give up as we grow up. We will give our opinions about comic books, board games, crafts, video games, gadgets, cartoons based on comic books, and everything else we love. With part time jobs and not much money, we wont have the newest gadgets or games, but we can promise you the most honest opinions about the things we love. Also, we will occasionally try to be funny, so please bare with us.

If you spent more time at keggers (that's a thing, right?) than playing Mario Tennis on an old Nintendo 64 in college, then this site might not be for you. If you use your limited funds to by DS games instead of new jeans, then welcome to Economic Nerds, a site where two semi-adults talk about the things that would get us stuffed in a locker 40 years ago!