Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movies: Zombieland

Zombies are all the rage right now.  Books, video games, comic books, and movies have an abundance of the undead.  As a zombie lover I am happy that those decomposing, horrific, eating machines are getting their time in the spotlight.  I do worry though that companies are simply injecting zombies into things because it will be popular.  As more and more media companies jump on the zombie bandwagon, they run the risk of overplaying the walking dead.

Fortunately, Zombieland is a wonderful addition to the zombie genre.  The basic plot is a group of people; Jesse Eisenburg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, trying to make sense of a post zombie world.  There are some goals the characters have in the movie, that I won't spoil, but for the most part you watch the characters try to find their way in the new world.  Of course, it is a comedy so their journey to find what they want isn't as dreary as it sounds.
Zombieland Little Zombie Girl
The movie never takes itself very seriously.  You find out very early the cause of the zombie outbreak and I will just say no secret lab or scientists were involved.  You will get to see zombie brides attack their soon to be zombie husbands, little girl zombies in princess dresses attacking a minivan, flaming zombies tackling firemen, and that is just the opening credits.
If zombie gags had been the only great thing about the movie then it would be good, but nothing special.  Luckily, in Zombieland, the characters themselves make you laugh just as much as their undead co-stars.  All of the character's personalities fit very well together and they form a great group to watch try to survive Zombieland.  All of the actors are great in their roles and every character is believable. 
The best part about Zombieland, something that separates it from most other zombie movies, besides the comedy, is that the characters' goal isn't simply to stay alive.  They want something more than to just live through the zombie apocalypse.  They want something from the world before zombies.  The characters just want to believe that one day they won't have to constantly look over their shoulders to stay alive.  This turns a great comedy/horror movie and turns it into just a great movie period.
We loved Zombieland and think everyone should get it out ASAP!


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