Monday, October 12, 2009

Nerdy Fun In A Grown Up World

Hello everyone, our names are Bobby and Kait. This blog is about two people who are trying to have fun while facing a grown up world. We are nerds who just graduated college and who are looking for jobs and living with our parents. We are 22 year olds who need to start living in a grown up world, but do not want to stop talking about who could win in a fight, Punisher or Moon Knight. We don't want to stop playing board games in the dining room or carving Kirby Jack O Lanterns.

On this blog you will see all of the things we refuse to give up as we grow up. We will give our opinions about comic books, board games, crafts, video games, gadgets, cartoons based on comic books, and everything else we love. With part time jobs and not much money, we wont have the newest gadgets or games, but we can promise you the most honest opinions about the things we love. Also, we will occasionally try to be funny, so please bare with us.

If you spent more time at keggers (that's a thing, right?) than playing Mario Tennis on an old Nintendo 64 in college, then this site might not be for you. If you use your limited funds to by DS games instead of new jeans, then welcome to Economic Nerds, a site where two semi-adults talk about the things that would get us stuffed in a locker 40 years ago!

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